HRM - directed the development of human resources

Are you also believe that people, their quality and development is critical for the success of the organization?

Human qualities as well as product parameters can be improved and developed. In this process should be an objective way to measure and evaluate these parameters for determining the highest possible development of the personality of the worker.

To evidence training and development activities, quality assessment of individual workers and help determine their personal development company created a unique system GETMORE HRM (formerly Skills), which is intended for organizations in need of:

  • keep records of completed training activities, including their impact on graduate
  • evaluate and monitor the development of personality and knowledge of parameters of its employees
  • on the basis of an evaluation to select appropriate staff development and training
  • knowledge tests to prepare and implement a monitoring their employees
  • revealing its reserve personnel and specifically to develop and
  • prepare personal development programs

Why to Have - What It Brings

Our created HRM system is designed to allow:

  • record realized​​, planned development and training activities and their participants, such as statutory training
  • superiors carried out assessments of staff
  • select appropriate staff for development activities based on defined parameters
  • identify the reserve of workers in personal development
  • prepare programs for personal development and
  • develop tests and test knowledge of workers

Who Uses HRM

  • Owners and managers who need to know the quality of their staff and monitor their professional development and growth
  • HR managers and human resource development, who taking on new staff, prepare development programs for them and pursue their personal development
  • Staff of recruitment agencies who need to monitor the activities of job seekers to know their quality and competence and appropriate to propose to their customers
  • Instructors and educational professionals who, based on test results and the required knowledge preparing developing and educational programs


Used to evaluate people in HCFB, ČSOB Pojišťovna and VÚB bank.

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